With silver holding value as an industrial metal and in jewelry-making, it’s market swings can fluctuate more frequently than gold. As a precious metal in the commodities market, silver’s value is based on traditional supply and demand with new innovations affecting the demand of the metal. Is investing in silver the right move for your portfolio?

Similar to how gold has been used as a currency for thousands of years, silver has also held value throughout modern history. While not subject to market volatility, political conflicts and inflation, investing in silver is still risky and the experts at Bridge Capital X can help you manage your silver trading accounts.

Investing in silver is another form of diversifying a financial portfolio to help hedge against risks associated with purchasing stocks and bonds. While silver’s value has held steady over the years, there are still influences that could alter its value.

The factors influencing silver’s supply and demand can vary from consumer interest, industrial uses, and emerging technology:

With silver used in electronics and appliances, the rise of the middle class occurring in developing nations worldwide has led to increases in silver’s demand.

 Silver was once a major component in the photography industry, but as digital cameras came to market, silver’s use in the industry dissipated.

Along with its use as an industrial metal, silver also has valuable uses including in batteries and superconductor applications making it a valued trading asset.

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As a more affordable metal than gold and platinum, silver offers an alternative solution to enter the precious metals market to enhance an investment portfolio. As stocks fluctuate based on world tensions and market volatility, Bridge Capital X provides a superior experience to help our clients acquire stable and reliable investment alternatives. Benefits to silver investing include:

• Credit risk: Precious metals like silver can maintain value despite inflation or currency devaluation occurrences.

• Long-term growth: The many uses and rarity of silver have helped its value maintain a steady return for centuries.

• Supply is rare: With the U.S. India, and Mexico being the only countries that warehouse silver, future industrial needs for silver could push supply down and prices up.

With decades of experience monitoring the precious metals markets, our experts at Bridge Capital X have effective formulas to help you navigate the volatility of commodity investing. Don’t let the volatility of the stock market hinder your investment portfolio and let Bridge Capital X help you manage the precious metals market with ease and confidence.
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