With silver holding value as an industrial metal and in jewelry-making, it’s market swings can fluctuate more frequently than gold.As a shiny and silvery metal, palladium has many uses in manufacturing including for electronics, car parts, and jewelry. Along with gold and silver, palladium is one of the most commonly traded metals in the commodities market. Just like its more common counterparts, a palladium investment is a wise choice to diversify a portfolio and hedge against risk and inflation.

Investors have many ways to start investing in the palladium market including:

• Futures

• Options

• ETFs

• Exchanges

• CFDs As a precious metal in the commodities market, silver’s value is based on traditional supply and demand with new innovations affecting the demand of the metal. Is investing in silver the right move for your portfolio?

Similar to how gold has been used as a currency for thousands of years, silver has also held value throughout modern history. While not subject to market volatility, political conflicts and inflation, investing in silver is still risky and the experts at Bridge Capital X can help you manage your silver trading accounts.

Why is Palladium So Valuable?
With electronics, vehicles, and jewelry makers all relying on palladium as an essential component for their products, palladium holds high value across major industries.

By also being extremely rare to find, the fight to secure palladium investment opportunities continues to grow. When considering palladium as an investment, there are various factors investors need to consider:

With car makers relying on palladium to produce catalytic converters, demand for vehicles has a direct correlation with the price of palladium.

South Africa and Russia produce 75 percent of the world’s palladium, which makes the commodity subject to geopolitical conflicts and natural disasters.

As the demand in electronics grows worldwide, the rareness of palladium increases the commodity’s market and value.

 Rising fuel and electricity costs make mining for palladium a bigger challenge for corporations seeking precious metals.

With rhodium also used as a substitute for palladium to make catalytic converters, manufacturers turning to rhodium could alter palladium’s value.

As the silver and gold market becomes overcrowded, investors seeking new ways to gain access to precious metals could push demand up.

China is the top consumer of palladium which makes the Chinese economy a driver that can vastly alter the demand and price of palladium.

How Rare is Palladium?

As one of the rarest metals on earth, palladium is estimated to be 15 times rarer than platinum and 30 times rarer than gold. This scarcity makes palladium a less sought-after commodity than the more popular metal, platinum. With deposits of palladium being so rare, recycling has become a more important source of palladium.

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How Bridge Capital X Can Help Palladium Investors

A combination of rareness and numerous global factors impacting the demand and price of palladium makes palladium investment a tricky endeavor. However, with the talented and dedicated team of financial advisors at Bridge Capital X being equipped with the latest trading tools and decades of expertise, our custom trade strategies in the commodities market provide investors the confidence and positive results needed to effectively manage the volatile commodity.