Derived from crude oil as a fuel source to heat homes and businesses, the home heating oil forecast is subject to the production and performance of crude oil refineries. With heating oil serving as liquidity to trade, many investors use the home heating oil forecast to hedge the prices of diesel and jet fuel which do not trade as liquidly.

As the second most produced product derived from crude oil, heating oil costs directly impacts daily energy costs. With heating oil prices subject to the production and performance of crude oil, there are several factors that could impact the price of heating oil:

• Weather: Any severe drops in temperatures particularly in the northeast U.S. can trigger a demand increase

• Alternative Fuels: As the costs of alternative fuels like wind and solar lower, the demand for heating oil lessens.

• Refinery Issues: Dependence on crude oil refineries makes heating oil prices vulnerable to refining costs, regulations, and geographical conflicts.

With nearly 30 million Americans relying on heating oil, the popularity of the commodity has to do with various conveniences:

• Abundance: Natural gas and propane can become scarce during winter months, while a large amount of heating oil makes it a more affordable and viable option.

• Efficient: Being 16% more efficient than natural gas helps make heating oil an efficiency leader among numerous fuel products.

• Safety: By only being capable of ignition through an advanced system with an oil burner or furnace, heating oil is not explosive.

• Productivity: Burning 300 degrees hotter than natural gas allows heating oil to quickly heat entire homes more effectively than other fuel sources.

Investing in heating oil markets has numerous benefits for savvy investors including:

• Diversity: Gain a more diverse array of investment options.

• Security: Protect assets from inflation and devalued currencies.

• Futures
: Long-term demand makes heating oil a steadily growing commodity.

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