Gold as an investment

Since the first gold coin was created over 2,500 years ago, gold has always been a valuable trading commodity. Even after numerous countries moved away from the gold standard following the Great Depression and World War II, the value of gold has never wavered below $0. Investing in gold should be a part of every long-term investing strategy.

While gold is mined daily, the amount of gold on the market is well known and the number of variables that could potentially impact the gold market is minuscule.

As a highly desirable product in the creation of jewelry, 50 percent of all gold is used for jewelry-making purposes. Another 40 percent of gold is used for investment purposes including coins, bullions, and bars – the rest is used by the gold industry.

With gold being traded around the clock, this valued commodity offers diverse investments away from traditional markets. In times of market volatility, investors often flock to gold as a safe investment with its dual use as a luxury good and investment tool.



Our talented team of advisors provides clients with proven strategies and formulas to help navigate the gold market, which offers various benefits beyond competitive returns:

• Having a gold portfolio provides the best opportunity for asset appreciation

• Mitigate against stock losses and hedge against inflation and currency risk

• Shelter your money from volatility and major drops in the stock market

• As one of the most effective diversifiers, gold investing helps reduce risk

With the value of currency subject to market forces including inflation, investing in gold carries no liability or counterparty risk. Being a real, physical object, gold is a mainstream asset that doesn’t disappear after its use like oil.

While government currencies have a tendency to devalue over time, the price of gold tends to move opposite of currency inflation.

Why Working with Bridge Capital X is Gold

As stocks swing based on geopolitical tensions and market volatility, Bridge Capital X strives to find our clients stable and reliable investment alternatives. With decades of trading expertise monitoring gold prices, our experts at Bridge Capital X have proven formulas to help you navigate the volatility of commodity investing.

Stop thinking of gold as something you need to hold in order to profit and let Bridge Capital X help you properly invest in the precious metals market. Don’t let the volatility of the stock market hinder your portfolio by investing in gold today!

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