As the national currency of Canada, the Canadian dollar (CAD) was first established in 1858 after replacing the Canadian Pound. Regarded as a benchmark currency due to the health of the Canadian economy, trading Canadian dollar provides access to a top 10 currency on the foreign currency exchange market and the fifth most held reserve currency in the world.

Throughout its use as a foreign currency, the Canadian dollar has fluctuated between being an independent currency or tied to the U.S. dollar. By being tied to the U.S. dollar and producing the fourth largest amount of petroleum exports, Canadian dollar trading has a direct correlation with oil prices.
Being the 12th largest export economy, the country mainly exports petroleum, minerals, wood products and grains with a $1.3 trillion gross domestic product (GDP). Factors influencing the value of trading the Canadian dollar includes:
As Canada’s most important export, the price of oil and petroleum, as well as production costs and delays can also influence the value of the Canadian dollar.
Being the United States’ largest trading partner also makes the Canadian economy vulnerable to economic and political developments in the U.S.

With China heavily relying on Canada’s natural resources of energy and wood to build its infrastructure, a slowdown in China’s growth could also impact Canada’s economy.

With every currency tied to a country’s economic prosperity, Canada’s employment numbers, interest rates, and monetary policies all influence the country’s currency.

Going Looney for the ‘Loonie’

Investors also refer to the Canadian dollar as the ‘loonie’ which is a nickname derived from the Canadian one-dollar coin having an image of a loon on it.

Accounting for 2% of all global reserves makes the Canadian dollar a highly valued and sought-after currency. By continuing to become a more viable alternative investment in the foreign exchange market, investors have many issues to consider when dealing with the Canadian dollar.

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